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Recovery Day

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Today we slept in until the afternoon, so I could recover from last night. I already told the sleepyheads that they have to get up before noon tomorrow, so I better make this quick. We headed over to B&H Photo Video Superstore for me today, which is a photographer’s mecca. I bowed down to the camera gods and managed to only buy a few things. We then had delicious Chinese food, and Amber even tried my General Tso’s tofu.

After that, we went to walk around Central Park and happened upon an ice-skating rink, so we all got skates and went around for a solid hour. Amber “Blades of Glory” Chamberlain held my sorry hand throughout most of it, and taught me how to tear up the ice. Herb did well and only fell once, but the foreign dude behind him said he “looked really cool” doing it. We then walked around Central Park and visited Amber’s favorite place, and hopped on the subway to get home. Gyros from a place in our neighborhood rounded out the night and now we are all in bed.

Here are the light-painting photos we did in Central Park, Enjoy and Goodnight!


Written by bettinahansen

January 2, 2008 at 7:46 am

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