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So, today I am helping my sister load some pictures on her computer, and suggested she download Picasa, Google’s photo editor, instead of using whatever crap HP included on her laptop. She got frustrated with it and took a nap. I picked it up though, and love it! Man, if I weren’t so in love with PhotoMechanic and Photoshop, and was just shooting photos for fun, I would totally use it. The one-click fixes are right on, and layout is so simple to use. They also have a button at the bottom called “Blog This,” which just takes the pictures right into your blog.

This is one of my favorite ones, my Mom and the llama thing. Haha, if you know my mom, hopefully you will get a laugh.

Also, for those of us who aren’t professional photographers and don’t want to spend money on a photo editing program, Adobe just launched Photoshop Express, which is like Google Docs for Photoshop. Are you feeling the techno-love? I am.

Back to my Mac for more editing of San Diego photos… this Windows laptop is killing me!

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June 1, 2008 at 8:56 pm

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