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So I went to shoot the Dbacks playing the Royals on Sunday with Jason and Mike Chow, and on Tuesday against the A’s with Jason and Dave Kadlubowski. Man, Mike and Dave are such efficient sports shooters. I am so bad at getting game action. I have resolved to go to as many games as I can to try to get better at it. Not because I like shooting it, but because I hate sucking at it. My favorite sport to shoot is basketball. Every 30 seconds, the action comes right to you.

Hitting coach Rich Schu, yelled at Dave “Get that f-ing camera out of my face”. Glad I got him earlier in the game with a longer lens… ugh.

Same hitting coach. For some reason, we had to shoot him.

Ceremonial first pitch on father’s day; Floyd and Brian Bannister

Ugh sorry for the off color on this one. I just liked the composition.

Yeah, poor Brandon Webb got beat up.

And the A’s took it away, home-run wise.


Written by bettinahansen

June 18, 2008 at 5:00 pm

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