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Friday night lights

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It’s nice to get out and shoot again… this is from Central High’s home game against Camelback.  I don’t hold any loyalties for either school, and both were winless up until tonight so I went in open minded.

Central was so much more passionate and openly emotional though… I was trying to get some really good reaction shots, but with the light being so crappy on the sidelines, I didn’t really get what I was trying for.

I did however get to go in the little locker room area of theirs before the game… and got a couple of nice shots from there.  I wish I could have stayed longer than halftime because the game went into overtime and Central lost, so I bet there would have been some really good emotion there. Check back later for more that didn’t appear in the azcentral slideshow.

Ready.  Ready?

Ready. Ready?



Tickets and ticking clock

Tickets and ticking clock

Taken down

Taken down

Eat my dust

Eat my dust


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October 11, 2008 at 9:49 am

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